CABLE is the unadulterated world of current affairs documentary in long form. It’s clear, full force and refuses to sugarcoat anything. 

As an online monthly, CABLE gives you time to chew over everything you’ve seen in the mainstream media. To assess whether what you have been seeing is in-fact ‘turned on its head’. Reading the July 1st issue and David Pratt’s article Mosul’s Bloody Endgame  was a journey in itself and here at In\progress we felt like were in the midst of the ‘Pussy Riot’ of modern current affairs reporting.

Why? CABLE doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, it tells you what you need to hear. 


Presenting current affairs with a fresh, new and uniquely Scottish perspective is no mean feat. With a handpicked and passionate list of contributors with genuine grass-roots experience from within the BBC, University of Dundee, Link Community Development International and the Scottish Centre on European Relations you really are getting current affairs ‘as it is’.

We won’t tell you what the article said. We just urge you to read it.

CABLE’s next online issue hits your internet on August 1st 2017. Don’t miss it!

3 thoughts on “CABLE Mag

    • Diana says:

      Hello CABLE Mag! That would be fantastic, we throughly enjoyed your first issue and would love to chat with you about your second. Can we drop you an email? Diana @weareinprogress


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