Changing Spaces – ARK at Chester Cathedral

Changing Spaces – Modern Art at Chester Cathedral 

Ever wondered what a ‘true collaborative space’ is? Look no further than ARK and Chester Cathedral’s mash up of medieval meets modern. A juxtaposition in itself.


‘Precious Cargo’ – Emily Mayer – Chester Cathedral – July 2017

ARK is a collaboration between Chester Cathedral and it’s education partner The Bank of America, Merrill Lynch. Groundbreaking because no one as yet has chosen to use a place of worship like Chester Cathedral in the U.K. to exhibit some of the worlds most cutting edge art.

Ninety artworks will be showcased ranging from Damien Hirst to Barbara Hepworth, each with meaning.  Many works call on inspiration from the strength of ‘human spirit’ and excerpts of the bible, an ark is a vessel for movement after all. Maybe Chester Cathedral is in reality an ark four us in a sea of raging modern uncertainty?

The ARK exhibition runs until the 15th of October 2017 and the cathedral is open daily. Please check the Chester Cathedral website for any scheduled ‘closed’ dates. 

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