Live in London? Be One of Chocolate Films – 1000 Londoners

Chocolate Films – 1000 Londoners 

Chocolate Films isn’t just any film company. The South London firms ethos is to work with London’s wider community. Firstly,  by employing a non-freelancing core of film makers combined with the integral value of producing work with a “community purpose”. Thanks to Chocolate Films well over two and a half thousand children and young people, yearly, have developed film making skills they wouldn’t access otherwise.


Chocolate films launched 1000 Londoners at BAFTA in twenty-fourteen, a remarkable documentary-film project which focuses on the lives of people who live within London’s thirty-two historic boroughs. 1000 Londoners peers into the lives of the very people who you may see walking past you in the street.

To this date two-hundred and twenty-two Londoners have been filmed by the team and you could still take part. Check out the 1000 Londoners website, submit a film proposal, set up a work shop, suggest a Londoner, sponsor a Londoner or attend a 1000 Londoners film night. This is your community and Chocolate films are inviting you to be part of it’s digital portrait.


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