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Go Interstellar with The Story of Space 2017

The Story Of dot Org burst onto the scene on the 14-18 of July twenty-fifteen celebrating the UN International Year of Light. Not many organisations actively mix the arts and sciences in a freely collaborative space. Only one fuses the two spheres in the UK and Goa, India. The Story Of Space need your help to make it happen for a second time this year.

Co-founder Nash Paul D’Souza described The Story of Light twenty-fifteen as “a festival that makes the concepts of modern physics and the universe accessible across the general public….[with] a mix or artists and scientists both Indian and international”. The festival boasted well over fifty thousand attendees of the free event across venues in Goa. The Story of Space, again, will be free to all who attend.

Shaira Shetty, co-director of The Story of Space gives us a round-up of what The Story of Space has to offer this year:

THE STORY OF SPACE 2017 is an interdisciplinary, informal learning festival that explores space under the thematics of physics, philosophy, politics, and perception, and the intersections thereof. It engages artists, scientists, educators, and philosophers to create informal learning experiences for all ages. The festival is free to attend for all.”

The Story Of dot Org revolves around four core threads; physics, philosophy, politics and perception and their connection to what ‘space’ is within those realms. Here’s what to come in Goa:

Physics: Robin Meier is composing a new musical score based on satellite data obtained from the European Space Agency. Alongside, he is sculpting the first-of-its-kind musical instrument made with meteorite. A local brass band will perform the score [in] collaboration with Robin and Dmitry Vtol Morozov. This project is supported by Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council.

Philosophy: S. Bhuvuneshwari will share concepts of space as discussed in Indian philosophy, through a talk which explores […] cosmology to metaphysics bearing the Indian context in mind.

Politics: Aalto University Media Lab, Finland opens a line of communication […] between Helsinki and Goa. ‘New media’ students design two installations, one in Helsinki and the other at the festival, where the audience interacts and communicates with others, in a way that evokes questions around power, nationality, borders, race and relationships. 

Perception: Akash and Thomas from Sound.Codes are archiving and recreating landmarks and heritage spaces in Goa by mapping their acoustics. The installation will be […] in a multi-room venue – inviting people to walk through it experiencing a wide canvas of local stories set in the original acoustic experience of Goan landmarks.

Not in Goa? Don’t worry! UK residents have the opportunity to delve into The Story of Space with three cutting edge projects. Time and dates to be released; ‘Cycle the Solar System’ by Nick (Artist) and Megan (Astrophysicist); a collaborative workshop on science fiction stories by Georgia Muenster; and an intervention to clean up a dirty public space by REPLENISH.

However, aside from charitable donations and organisations funding the projects themselves in order to ensure they are free to the public The Story of Space still need your help. If you feel inspired by The Story of Space please donate to their crowd funding campaign here


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