Good Trouble Mag – Writing About the People’s Power

A few years ago we visited the Victoria and Albert Museum and stumbled on an exhibition on protest culture called Disobedient Objects. It was profound. We saw DIY gas-masks and a sound system made out of bikes welded together with a MacBook Pro, some speakers and countless flags mounted to it’s sides. On a backdrop of chip-wood and spray paint, an iPad with a game that was banned, a satire on what it takes for a refugee to get to safety in the West. Pretty hard hitting stuff. All made to jolt you out of your (probably middle class, educated) comfort zone. 

2017-08-18 (1)

Flash forward to twenty-seventeen. We’ve witnessed the Arab Spring, rise of Daesh, Trump’s resistance, fracking wars, climate change denial and most recently the injustice of Charlottesville, Virginia…the list really is endless. Protest is still happening and Good Trouble takes you to the core, the voice of ‘the people’, the whistleblowers, the march to freedom, the art of the fight. Good Trouble puts that all into magazine form but it’s no more easily digestible. The subject matter is not meant to be!

It’s not a news site dedicated to showing you retrospectively what is going on in the world. It really aims to understand why people do what they do. We really enjoyed reading about #45ProtestSigns created by Olivia and Brandon Locher. Their signs are a reactionary expression of how they feel about the elected 45th President of the United States, where America is heading and how we look at ourselves within politics. The signs are downloadable, accessible. The siblings champion ‘digital protesting’ and we’re all for it!


There is so much you can get stuck into at Good Trouble Mag so we won’t tell you everything. You’ll walk away enlightened and with more questions than you had to start with. But we guess that’s why it’s called Good Trouble?  



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