Get Into the Fast Paced World of Media Technology With BBC Mixital

Mixital is the BBC’s free-online, creative space for young people and adults. The site itself was commissioned in September twenty-fifteen by the BBC in partnership with Nesta UK, Freeformers and Mozilla

It’s a fantastic resource for parents, educators and any young person looking to get a foothold into the fast developing world of media-technology.

Mixital is a section of the ‘learning arm’ of  BBC Make It Digital and is a dynamic space for people to gain creative experience with some of the BBC’s largest exported brands; Eastenders, Dr Who, Introducing and Writers Room.

Mixital is inspired and informed by academics with tools developed for use by people aged thirteen years and over. By fostering interests in coding, programming, VJing (digital visuals) (linking to Vizii BBC Introducing channel) and screen writing into informed hobbies, the BBC and it’s partners are enabling people to have an understanding of core skills needed to enter jobs with niche technological skills.  The BBC and it’s partners, with the Mixital platform are working to close the gap in the impending STEM and digital skills crisis.

Everyone uses tech, right? 

Not so much. In July of this year it was announced by the British Chamber of Commerce that the UK has a sixty-three billion pound digital skills gap, combined with a sectoral employment shortfall of around forty-thousand people yearly. Digital skills also fall into the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) bracket with vacancies reaching around forty-three percent as companies do not have sufficiently qualified candidates available. Not good in the ‘digital age’ of paperless offices and interactive business.

So, whether you are the parent of a child or young person who’s fascinated by what it takes to get into the digital media industry or an educator. Fuel their curiosity with BBC Mixital and get them connected digitally to the skills they’ll need to excel in a fun, friendly and open environment. 



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