Imaginify – Bridging the Gender Gap in Tech and Digital

Imaginify was created because of the startling lack of female presence in the tech and digital world, spurred on by the ISACA Global Survey Report which highlighted the real disparity between males and females in these spheres.


Imaginfy’s core principles are to inspire and empower. Encouraging women within/emerging into the two intersecting sectors to be brave and brilliant within their chosen field. We’re all for any organisation that ‘celebrates women who have a passion for technology and digital’. Imaginify is dynamic, full of force and switched on in a world where women only hold twenty-five percent of computing jobs and have a mere eleven percent of jobs within Silicon Valley. Statistics that need to change.

What is Imagnify doing about the female digital and tech gap? 

Schools and colleges – with a focus on refining and strengthening digital and technology skills for girls in years ten and eleven. They target essential areas for development in both ‘soft’ and ‘commercial’ areas. Girls can learn about communication, confidence development, what tech roles look like and what not to do in terms of business language. Sessions are brought into greater detail with both Be Brave and Be Brilliant intensive weekends for older girls in years twelve and thirteen.

Universities – undergraduates can attend evening sessions lasting up to three hours and cover skills like CV building, getting networking down like a pro, ‘faking it until you make it’ – confidence and much more.

Be Inspired, Imaginify showcases successful women in tech and digital, telling their stories. Bolstered by an information packed Women in Tech blog – we’ve loved reading ’10 Women in STEM (you may not know about)’.

Why do we adore Imaginify? Imaginify is setting out to develop apps that help women in all areas of digital and tech. It’s an organisation that aims to get girls and women to flourish in tech and digital sectors through mentorship, skills development and encouraging atmosphere. We think that’s fantastic! 




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