Ziferblat – The Only Thing You Have to Pay For is Your Time


Ever dreamt of a shared work space that isn’t a rotating conveyor of shared desks in cramped places? Or one where you’re sat at your desk willing for the hours to go by quickly? Well you can find what you’re looking for in Ziferblat the ‘anti-cafe’. We admit, we’re a bit late to the party but we had to tell you about it!


Ziferblat begun life in Moscow, twenty-eleven, as the idea of Ivan Meetin. Originally, as an attic meeting place for a community of poets to further their work. The concept he created subsequently became the blueprint for an easy-going space to socialise, run events and co-work, where top-notch coffee, cake and wi-fi is FREE. YES FREE. The coffee in the Edge Street, Media City and Liverpool spaces is sourced from Liverpool’s first ‘micro roastery’ 92 Degrees Coffee which boasts it’s own artist-in-residence, Nicole Bartos.

The only thing that isn’t free is your time. Isn’t that the point? 

How does it work? You simply pay a fixed rate for every minute you spend there. In Greater Manchester and Liverpool it’s a tiny 8p a minute (£4.80 an hour) – ‘Oh, but that’s going to get expensive!’ wait, wait! It isn’t. Your hours are capped at four…a mere £19.20 for the day, the rest of your time spent there is free and so is the necessary cake and coffee needed to keep going!

So if you’ve not spotted Ziferblat as your alternate ‘home-from-home’ in the Manchester or Liverpool area yet, check it out. If you’re based in London there is one based at Old Street, Shoreditch, the price 5p per minute. With Ziferblat you couldn’t find a more organically formed, free-flowing space if you tried. Work smarter, cake and coffee, in our opinion does in-fact make the world go round.  



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