#PrimaryRocks Not Just Any EdChat Hashtag – The One to Watch

We’re not sure if you’ve heard of Primary Rocks? However, if you’re a primary educator or work in a sector that works with primary & EYFS aged (3-11) pupils it’s a must! Museum educators, science communicators and other inter-sectoral teachers we’re looking at you to get your Twitter fingers going and join the conversation.


Why is it so great? Primary Rocks is your one-stop-shop, to stay abreast of vocational, policy driven or just plain handy educational chat and tips. Born out of the burgeoning need for a regular, focused discussion (Monday’s 8-9pm, weekly) on primary education –  from the minds of  Gaz Needle, a head teacher and Rob Smith of the Literacy Shed Primary Rocks has gone stratospheric. They’ve got a huge and varied team too! Check out the reviews from the likes of TES and Innovate My School for Primary Rocks Live 2017.


Regularly part of #twittertending, with a very popular live event happening again on the 17th March, 2018 Primary Rocks is the destination for your Monday nights.

So, get on that waiting list, find that #PrimaryRocks hashtag, and be part of a dynamic group of educators who are consistently opening up the field and future of primary education.  

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