#BrewEd Pints and Pedagogy

Pints? A nice pub? All good on a friday night out – throw in a bunch of teachers, researchers in education, everything and everyone interested in pedagogy in-between. What do you get? A BrewEd. A type of ‘un-conference’, none of that overly formal rubbish just educators and good beer!


BrewEd was formed by two craft-beer loving teachers Daryn Simon and Ed Finch. The brains behind a brand new grassroots movement in education. Obviously, supplemented by good beer! Their maxim – an event with “robust, open and enjoyable debate with interesting, entertaining and provocative presentations”.

The movement is growing with people from all areas of education and at all levels too. You can bring a #BrewEd to you and a post conference #MicroBrewEd. Chat with Ed and Daryn, you can sign up your event here.

The first #BrewEd2017 is in Sheffield, Saturday the 11th of November at The Greystones. A “proper pub” home to the Thornbridge Brewery.

BrewEd is popping up all over the country from Oxford to Barnsley. So if you’re up for a laugh, some debates and presentations that’ll make you think critically about education. BrewEd is for you…

In the words of BrewEd “if you think it’s not for you then we want you there!”. 



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