Couldn’t Resist a Flashback to the Blog That Started it All… Museomix 2013

Disclaimer: We won’t link you to the original and very embarrassing blogger page. However, it’s a homage to a bad haircut and a weekend where I learned I could mix the arts (museums!), science and education. It was November 2013, I was barely a year out of university and I stumbled upon Museomix after also joining Twitter… It’s a testament to why we need science communicators and people who ‘tech-up’ heritage spaces. I certainly wouldn’t have done what I have in the last five years without it!

I turned up thinking I wouldn’t make the cut. Too inexperienced with no understanding of new technology. All I had was a love of science and history!

>>>>>>>>    <<<<<<<<

MuseomixUK: The Write-Up (Long Overdue and Rambling but Hopefully Entertaining Reading…)

So…I have written and re-written this several times. As I do with all my writing! If you don’t remember me I am Diana Pitchers-Pearce (yes I have a double barrelled surname that sounds like the eighties) and I stood on stage…down stage? On the stage, yes, on stage and made a pitch.

What can I say Museomix UK 2013 was absolutely uhh… awe inspiring! Who’d have thought putting a load of technology, science, art, coding and Lord knows what other skills in one room would culminate into such a momentous and unforgettable three days?

Can I just say ‘Let’s hear it for the orga’ team!’ I hope you can hear lots of clapping and wooing and whistles because you gave us coffee, the ‘Eye of the Tiger’, cake and much, much more! You certainly pushed us out of our comfort zones. By half past eleven in the morning of the eighth of November we’d all formed into little atom groups!

How Did it all Happen?

I can’t quite remember how many pitches there were…12 maybe? There were some wonderful ideas! Rosie Clarkes’ ‘Iron Ladies’, Frankie Roberto’s ‘Iron Insight’ the list was endless. So, all these wonderful folk vocalizing vibrant, captivating and fun ideas for all to see made me think.

I thought ‘I fancy doing that! I’m not going to be a spectator. Am I?’ Heart in mouth, I stood up and told you all about how I was a scientist, how I like science and the old furnace was boring. It should have lots of loud bangs, noises, be exciting and pull you out of this world into another.

We all did some speed ‘dating’…remember that guys? When we’d all asked each-other some difficult questions and picked respective brains about various plans we had to shout ‘BINGO!’. The only hitch was we all had to match one of each badge to this wonderful layout.

The lovely people who had joined me on a crusade to make the ‘Old Furnace’ the ‘Bold Furnace’ were Steve, Lorna, Rebecca, Shane and Sue! No rest for the wicked, lunch and then we had until ten pm to get started. Finalize ideas, prototype, website etc. People learned French to make the mini-websites! Impressive eh?

Like this but with content, coder, maker etc.

What Next?

BOOM! Here are some more images that might just round up how amazing it was…

The very broken laptop

Made Stuff

Looked up some plans

Became a team!

I honestly can’t describe any-more or I will be writing a novella. Here’s the link to @museomixUK live feed and website with ALL the prototypes.

And here are the videos. Seeing is believing after all! Museomix Team Six YouTube!

Thank-you everyone #welovemuseomix

I was clearly high on adrenaline but it was worth a post. So with a broken laptop and an open mind. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and set forth, meeting new-exciting people who were also interested in intersecting sectors and making ‘things happen’. It really did open a world of new possibilities. 

In future – if you see an opportunity to be part of something that excites you. Do it! 


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