#Techception is When You Are Wearing the Product Nokia Are Talking About…

15:03 – @UoSMediaCity

Firstly we must apologise at In\Progress HQ, a #CitizenScienceShowcase is VERY EASY to get carried away in…so in some cases we’ll be back tracking our account of how everything happened. #GameLab

But here is where it got META


Nokia Health is a new fangled concept/product so you think, but nearly two years ago we stumbled on a startup called Withings. In 2016 Withings got bought by Nokia. The Withings Go (or now known as the Nokia Go) has a screen made from ‘e-ink‘ a funky medium that moves using bluetooth technology, it’s classed as an EPD (Electronic Paper Display), the same as your original Kindle and it consists microcapsules and and electrodes. @DianaPitchers’ Go hasn’t needed it’s battery changed for a over a year. It monitors a variety of activities like sleep, swimming, running and swimming.



Nokia has teamed up with Connected Health Cities (an nhsa project) to deliver the #DataSavesLives and #CityMoves initiatives.

Connected Health Cities is a collaboration of key partners and stakeholders interested in improving health in the North using Nokia Health technology over a eight week period. To quote the #datasaveslives team, the main aim is to get communities heart rate down and steps up”.


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