We don’t just communicate. We challenge.

Creating dynamic prose and social media for tech, science, museums and education is one thing, but what exactly are our aims? They are simple:

  • To push forward the progressive development of all sectors together.
  • To challenge the views presented to us by mainstream media.
  • Talk about feasible innovations emerging within the three sectors.
  • Promote collaborative research/events/strategy.
  • To write about people/organisations who have a unique outlook.

Who is In\Progress? 

Diana has had a ‘mixed bag’ of media, scientific, educational and museum experience. She’s been an extra (more than a few times), a runner for BBC Any Questions, mounted cameras in trees for the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, spoken to ‘LINDA the Robot’ (Longitude Prize) in 2015, taught primary school history outreach, live tweeted the National Science Summit 2014 (NSS14), written EC Horizon 2020 innovation bids, dressed as an Edwardian and taught people to make bricks – a long list, all with public engagement and good copy at it’s core.

Diana is a qualified Ecologist with a BCAP (Basic Canopy Access Proficiency) from the people who take both the BBC & David Attenborough up trees combined with five years freelance writing experience.

Currently Diana is training to teach with Liverpool John Moores University and aims to complete an NCTJ (National Council for the Training of Journalists) qualification by summer twenty-eighteen.

In\Progress is a site devoted to highlighting the progression of  intersecting and highly dynamic sectors – technology, science, education and museums. Diana seeks to write copy based around people, events, issues and organisations that ‘break ground’, collaborate and bring something new to burgeoning frontiers.